All you need to follow the examples in this book is a working installation of the programming language julia and the Queryverse.jl package. While that is technically all you need, I would also recommend that you install VS Code with the VS Code julia extension and IJulia, the julia kernel for Jupyter.

Installing julia

Installing julia is easy: you just download a version for your computer from the julia language website and then install it on your machine. Once you have installed julia, try to start it. You should see the julia REPL: a command line at which you can enter julia code and execute it by pressing Enter.

All examples in this book are based on julia 1.0 or newer.

Installing the Queryverse.jl package

Once julia is installed, just start it and enter the following command in the Pkg REPL-mode:

pkg> add Queryverse

This will install the Queryverse.jl package onto your system. The Queryverse.jl package is a meta-package that pulls in a large number of other packages that you need to run the code examples in this book. You could install all of these packages one-by-one manually, but it is much easier to just install (and later use) the Queryverse.jl package instead and not worry about those details.