Query is a package for querying julia data sources. It can filter, project, join and group data from any iterable data source, including all the sources supported in IterableTables.jl. One can for example query any of the following data sources: any array, DataFrames, DataStreams (including CSV, Feather, SQLite, ODBC), DataTables, IndexedTables, TimeSeries, Temporal, TypedTables and DifferentialEquations (any DESolution).

The package currently provides working implementations for in-memory data sources, but will eventually be able to translate queries into e.g. SQL. There is a prototype implementation of such a "query provider" for SQLite in the package, but it is experimental at this point and only works for a very small subset of queries.

Query is heavily inspired by LINQ, in fact right now the package is largely an implementation of the LINQ part of the C# specification. Future versions of Query will most likely add features that are not found in the original LINQ design.


You can add the package it with: